Our Priority for Product Safety and Authenticity

Diabetic Online is choosing to make it a priority to offer affordable, safe, and authentic diabetes medications to customers who need an alternative to conventional pharmacies.

The focus here is to make every one of them fully aware of our procedural standards that establish a quality standard, one that is adhered to with all prescriptions we fill for diabetes medications. No one is going to dispute the fact that Rx medications are a consumer product where any level of flexibility with safety is not acceptable, and this is why we want to be especially clear with the assurances we have for Diabetic Online customers.

This starts with stringent criteria for the affiliated suppliers we will work with, and primary focuses are on proper fulfillment procedures, relevant government approvals and also the product pedigree they have as a supplier for the partner pharmacies we work with here at Diabetic Online.

You may also want to note that the pharmacies we work with are located in the same city where we operate this business. Having that proximity and previous working relationships between our management group and these pharmacies is another part of what makes us confident in telling our customers your medication is always going to be 100% authentic medication that is entirely safe and has the same efficacy.

Pharmacies that make the grade here have certain commonalities, and you may want to be aware of them:

  • A physical address in Canada on the website.
  • Toll free phone numbers to call and speak to a customer service representative or the pharmacist.
  • Having the pharmacy require a prescription from a licensed physician.
  • Having the pharmacy require a patient medical history, including allergies.

The medication we will be filling your prescription with will be the same as you would receive from any local pharmacy. The packaging may be different, but the medication in it is the same.

More is available on this subject on our About Us page.

This unwavering commitment to safety and quality as it relates to the products you will receive when you have your prescription filled by Diabetic Online is always going to be part of our operations, and that is in part because we know people managing diabetes may have extenuating health concerns beyond their diabetes that make product safety with insulin and oral diabetes medications even more important.

Savings. Safety. Service.

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