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Breaking Down Ozempic Cost: A Comprehensive Guide

If there is one medication that doesn’t need much, if any introduction these days, it has to be Ozempic. While it may be a Type 2 diabetes medication, the hype around it has nothing to do with blood sugar control and everything to do with controlling midsections instead.

Going from 3 digits to 4 means you’ve moved into the thousands, and a lot of time when you buy a 2mg Ozempic pen from a storefront pharmacy in the USA, you’ll be darn close to doing that. Ozempic 1-pen price is going to upwards of $900 no matter where you get your prescription filled, and once you add taxes and the rest you may well be right on the edge of moving into 4-digit territory. So, there’s your basic answer for how much does Ozempic cost per month– way too much if you’re filling your prescription in the US.

Why is Ozempic so expensive? Well, we can look at basic economic theory for starters. The demand for Ozempic is darn near through the roof and there’s been many articles in the news about the supply of the medication available doesn’t come anywhere close to meeting that demand. But the biggest factor in how much does Ozempic cost is Novo Nordisk’s patent on the medication hasn’t expired. So, the price for it continues to be as high as they deem fit.

No Insurance Sting

We’ll continue with our look at how much does Ozempic cost here, but with a quick segue over to why is Ozempic so expensive. The factors we talked about above are just a part of why that’s the case. Manufacturing and regulatory compliance push the price of Ozempic up too, and with regards to manufacturing we need to keep in mind that this medication comes in an injectable pen format. All that product housing adds to the cost too.

The fact it is an Rx product delivered as an injection is why there is more in the way or regulatory compliances too, and there’s no way around that unless you can convince the US FDA to loosen their stances on how medications are to be regulated. Not going to happen, but if you look into how to get help with cost of Ozempic you’ll find that Novo Nordisk does offer an Ozempic Savings Card that is available to people with commercial or private insurance.

That’s where we’ll conclude this brief look at how much does Ozempic cost. Most people will take the 0.5mg Ozempic dose once weekly, so that means each injection from a 2mg pen will cost you upwards of $200. A smart move is to order Ozempic online from Canada to pay less for it. The savings on Ozempic here at Diabetic Online can be up to 1/3rd of what you’d pay in the USA. That’s going to sound appealing to plenty of people.

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